Why do you need a Strategy Management software?

Strategy Management involves setting of goals and targets in line with Company’s Mission and arranging resources to meet those goals. It often involves setting up the Vision, Mission and Value Statements; these statements set tone for what an organization stands for. Various Projects will be initiated to support these goals and Mission.

These Strategic goals are often measured with the help of Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. These KPIs have threshold and are measured to keep the strategic plan in check. Strategic Management involves a cyclic process that keeps the KPIs as well as the Organization’s Strategy in check.
A company’s Strategy Department will formulate a Vision or strategy as well as accompanying KPIs that keeps track of the Strategy. There will be several Initiatives that help achieve those Vision or goals. The KPIs and the progress of the Initiatives will be measured monthly, quarterly, or yearly, depending on the Company and the progress and performance will be evaluated. Depending on the performance of these KPIs and Initiatives, the Thresholds or the targets might be modified to be better aligned with Organization’s strategy. This cyclic process is illustrated below:

Strategy Management Tools:

For a lot of small businesses, a spread sheet tool is enough to keep record of the company’s Strategy. Various formulas as well as chart and pivot tables can be used to measure performance against preset targets of both KPIs and Initiatives.
However as business grows into a medium sized organization and eventually into a Large business, it becomes too cumbersome to keep record of thousands of KPIs in spreadsheets as well as numerous initiatives that oftentimes span over many years. This is where specialized Strategy Management Tools and softwares can help companies. Some of these softwares are flexible to cater to a number of strategy management methodologies such as the Balanced Scorecard, OKR, Hoshin Kanri etc. One such software is Spider Impact® by Spider Strategies® and we Green Crystal Consulting Group are the authorized reseller partner in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Pakistan.

Spider Impact® as a Strategy Management Software

Spider Impact® by Spider Strategies® is a tailored made software for Balanced Scorecard. It is the only recommended software by the world renowned organization The Balanced Scorecard Institute, USA. It has specific sections that caters to Scorecards, Initiatives, Datasets as well as Charts, Reports, Dashboards and Strategy Maps. It is also quite flexible in catering to other strategy management methodologies such as OKRs, Hoshin Kanri as well as simple Scorecards with Strategic Objectives, and Strategic themes.

Spider Impact® is completely code-less; no coding or knowledge of any programming language is required to create high-quality and analytical charts, reports and dashboards. The Business Intelligence feature in the form of Datasets allows deep analytics to happen locally within the software for easy decision making. Spider Impact provide Single sign on capability by authenticating through LDAP, OpenID Connect, Windows Domain, and SAML for seamless access.

Many public and private organizations all over the world use Spider Impact® as their sole Strategy Management Software.

Green Crystal Consulting Group is the Spider Strategies authorized reseller partner in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Pakistan. Some of our esteemed clients include University of Sharjah, Abdul Latif Jameel, The Department of Economy & Tourism in Dubai®, and Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO)

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