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Spider Impact by Spider Strategies is a one-stop solution for all of your performance management needs. It allows you to automate your Balanced Scorecard/ KPIs, visualize your data and monitor your Initiatives simultaneously all at once.

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Envision your organization’s strategy

Track performance of any perspective, objective or KPI from your organization. Create unlimited scorecards, dashboards, strategy maps, briefings or reports to keep a check on your organizational performance.

Take control of your initiatives

Track all of your short-term and long-term initiatives/project using the built-in project management tool. Get real-time information for the projected costs and schedules for your initiatives.

Increase co-operation and accountability

With independent access rights and permission for every individual within Spider Impact by Spider Strategies, you can assign tasks to all the users based on their roles in the organization. This will help in enabling collaboration and accountability inside the organization.

Administer any approach

With Spider Impact by Spider Strategies you can take care of all your performance management needs. Different methodologies such as Balanced Scorecard, Earned Value Management etc., can be catered at the same time.



Manage your organizational strategy

Spider Impact by Spider Strategies helps you in tracking your organization's performance in real-time, by automating your scorecards

Keep an eye on the underlying KPIs

Within Spider Impact by Spider Strategies you can keep a check on the performance of individual KPIs as well as their impact on the overall strategy of your organization


Link initiatives to your KPIs

Spider Impact by Spider Strategies allows you to link your KPIs with the initiatives responsible for driving it. It also provides you with the statistics for the impact created by the initiative.

Monitor your initiative expenditures

With the initiative management tool, monitor your expenses to make sure that you are spending only on initiatives that are creating a positive impact


Strategy Maps

Summary for your Organization's Strategy

Strategy map helps in summarizing your organizational strategy. It shows you the performance of all four perspectives and all underlying objectives which can be drilled-down to a single KPI.

Two-Step Process

If you already have all your scorecards entered into the system, all you need to do is click on ‘new strategy map’, link your objectives and your strategy map will be ready.


Track your performance

Spider Impact by Spider Strategies allows you to create multiple dashboards to showcase most critical information using different widgets available at your disposal.

Unlimited Data Sharing

Dashboards that you create in the system can be shared with individuals who don’t even have access to the system.

Charts & Reports

Endless Possibilities of Reporting

With Spider Impact by Spider Strategies you can either generate commonly used reports using predefined report types or you can create customized reports using report writer and chart writer.

Schedule reports to never miss an update

Spider Impact by Spider Strategies allows users to schedule reports they are interested in, so that they receive an alert when that particular report is ready to be viewed.


Presentations made easier

No need to create PowerPoint presentations anymore. With Spider Impact by Spider Strategies you can create presentations using your own scorecards, dashboards, reports, etc.

Narrate with the help of live data

All the information that you add to your presentations is live and can even be drilled down which helps in finding out the root cause of the deficiencies.



Personalize your Home

Personalize the homepage to remind your team about the purpose of your organization and who you are as a company

Manage your tasks and important alerts

See what actions are required from your end and set alerts for whatever is important to you


Marks what's important

As the name suggests, Spider Impact by Spider Impact allows you to bookmark stuff that you need to visit often.

Organize your people

Realize your impact

Realize your responsibilities and your impact

Assigning a distinct User ID to every employee in the organization, helps them to see their responsibilities and the impact they make in overall organization’s strategy and success.

Monitor every individual to meet your objectives

Different objectives may involve different people responsible for different KPIs. Therefore, poor performance of a single individual will impact its higher-level performance metrics as well. With Spider Impact by Spider Strategies you can hold every single individual accountable for their actions.

Assign Roles

Allocate responsibilities

Spider Impact by Spider Strategies allows you to assign responsibilities to all employees so that they can be held accountable in case of unacceptable performance

Always on a look out for deficiencies

Alerts settings in Spider Impact by Spider Strategies allows you to set different conditions ranging from score change to measure value change for you to get an alert.

Promote Cooperation

Enhance communication

Notes feature within Spider Impact by Spider Strategies helps in improving communication between different stakeholders in the organization

Broadcast Alerts

It allows you to broadcast messages to different stakeholders in the organization

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Anytime, anywhere accessibility

Since Spider Impact by Spider Strategies is cloud-based, you can access it anytime, anywhere as long as you have access to an internet browser and an internet connection.

Licensing and Hosting Options

Spider Hosted Subscription Customer Hosted Subscription One-Time Purchase
Payment Frequency Monthly, or save Annually Annual One time
Maintenance (upgrades & support) Included Included 20% annual fee
Licensing Model Software Lease Software Lease License Purchase
Hosting Responsibility Spider Customer on-premises Customer on-premises
Software Update Responsibility Spider Customer Customer
Backup Responsibility Spider Customer Customer
IT Involvement Spider Modrate Spider

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