How to Create Initiatives in Spider

Strategy Analysis, Strategy Planning, and Strategy Management are three extremely important components of a Business Strategy and a Strategy Management Software can make these processes easier by automating the Measure Values, Approval processes, and even communications across organization.
A lot of sophisticated Strategy Management Software like Balanced Scorecard Softwares like Spider Impact® by Spider Strategies® can aid not only in KPI Management but also in Project / Initiatives Management.

Spider Impact® by Spider Strategies® calls their Project Management module as ‘Initiatives’.

There is no limit to how many initiatives you upload on Spider Impact®. You can link your KPIs to the initiatives and Spider Impact® will analyze if the KPIs were positively affected or negatively. Spider impact provides a real-time visibility of your organizational and departmental initiatives’ progress, enabling you to view the impact these initiatives have on your overall strategy. So, you can retune your investment in initiatives that are driving improvements, and end ones that don’t. The impact can be on any part of the strategy (Strategic Perspective, Strategic Objectives, Measure / KPI). See the screenshot below how Spider Impact® system provide the predictive analysis in all scenarios (Positive Impact, Negative impact and No Impact).

We will now see how to create Initiatives in Spider Impact®. It is an extremely intuitive process and can be done in just a few clicks!

Step 1: Go to the Initiative Module and click on “New Initiative Item”

Step 2: Select the appropriate Item type; the 3 types are Initiative, Task, and Milestone. Tasks are activities required to accomplish and Milestone is a point on the calendar with clearly defined deliverables. Tasks have start and finish dates and Milestones only have a due date.

Step 3: Add Start Date, End Date, and Budget if required. Assign Users and groups Responsible to handle the specific project

Step 4: Go to Advance Options to change Goal Function type (Linear or S-Curve) and Tags. Tags can be used to differentiate initiatives and KPIs and can be used as a filter to create Reports and charts

Step 5: click “save” and “done”. Go to Status update to add progress of your initiatives.

Crystal Consulting Group is Spider Impact® Reseller in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Qatar and Oman. A lot of our Clients like University of Sharjah, Abdul Latif Jameel, The Department of Economy & Tourism in Dubai® have numerous Initiatives spread across multiple Departments, linked with multiple strategic items like objectives, KPIs and have KPI dashboards that can be used to review performance. Few example are shown below;

The Software Specialists at Crystal Consulting Group can help you with your strategy Planning and execution with various methodologies like the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) by the Caplan Norton, McKinsey 7S model, Hoshin Kanri, Objective and Key Results (OKR) or just simple KPI Management.

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