VAT Advisory and Consultancy

Value Added Tax (VAT) implementation in UAE is already effective from 1st January 2018.  A standard rate of 5% VAT is charged on goods and services, with some exceptions like healthcare and education.GCC countries have decided to implement VAT as part of the government’s effort to diversify revenues in the context of sharp decline in oil prices.

It is estimated that with VAT implementation in UAE, more than 12 billion Dirhams of additional revenues will be added in the first year of implementation of this tax. We offer following services;


• Assessment & Registration
• Implementation & Training
• Tax Accounting
• Return Preparation
• Electronic Document Management

You relax – no VAT headaches on you – just focus of business growth and future ventures!


Assessment and Registration for VAT
VAT Application for Registration with Federal Tax Authority plays a significant role in your first step towards VAT compliant. We apprehend your business and obtain key information needed for application. Correct information ensures a timely & smooth registration process.

Implementation of VAT Compliant Software 
After VAT Registration, implementation is a critical area which affects the future compliance and reporting effectiveness. During Implementation Stage, we perform pretty remarkable job:

  1. Understanding their precise needs
  2. Assessment of VAT on Business Performance
  3. Implementing VAT Compliant Software
  4. Changes to Accounting & Bookkeeping System
  5. Training accounting and operations staff
  6. Complete VAT Advisory to ensure compliance


Return Preparation 
Let's agree that Return Preparation appears to be a simple and easy job to do for any person. NO, its NOT!
Federal Taxation Authority UAE (FTA) has published a list of penalties for delays and wrongly submitted VAT returns. This risk is not worth taking! particularly when you have access to expert professionals who are specialists in understanding Complicated Tax laws across the globe and seasoned Return preparers.
Give us a call, or write to us! We can provide this service for you at affordable rates, so that you can go back to focus on your core business activities

TAX Accounting
We do complete tax accounting for our clients. The process is highly efficient and simple. We assure accurate, reliable & timely tax reporting for tax filing purposes. With our tax accounting service, your Return preparation shall be as simplified as few clicks and form entries.


Electronic Document Management
Do you know there is a requirement of record retention for at least 5 years?
We help businesses in Electronic Document Management for this purpose so that you stay compliant always. We can either set it up under your control or we can take care of this part. All you have to do is to send us copies of documents and we shall be taking care of it for you.