KPI Management Software

 KPIs improve when you measure them.

ScoreboardTM is web-based software that brings your scorecards to life with interactive strategy maps, reports, and alerts. It is conceptualized, designed, and developed by Spider Strategies Inc - who are performance management industry experts. 


Automate your Scorecard

ScoreboardTM is the fastest way to automate your ScoreboardTM. Just enter your key performance area, objectives, and KPI’s. Then update your KPI’s with actual performance values every month. Some of the salient features are;


  • Full scorecard automation

Get everyone in your organization on the same page. ScoreboardTMis web-based software that you can use anywhere from any device.


  • Track low-level measures

First, set your goals. Then update your measure values by hand or with automated data feeds. Each measure gets a score and a color of red, yellow, or green.


  • Manage the big-picture strategy

Scoreboard automatically rolls up your weighted metric scores to objectives and perspectives so you can see how well you’re executing on your overall strategy.

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This is a 6-minutes tour of ScoreboardTM. It covers every section in Scoreboard and shows how three different types of people use the same KPI dashboard software.