Many industry experts think how Lean Kaizen tools can be applied in food & beverage industry involving large batch processes, large distribution network, a large number of product variants, and are not into make to order business. All FMCG companies, due to high-intensity production set-up, face issues of:



  • Overproduction
  • Excess Inventory
  • Stock-outs
  • Unnecessary movement of goods
  • Imbalanced workload
  • Rejections

To eliminate these gaps, Lean Kaizen tools are proven to be the most effective in various FMCG companies worldwide. CCG have more than 20 years of overall industry experience of implementing Kaizen tools in various industry. We have made significant improvements in such companies by effective implementation of:


  • Inventory Management tools like Just-in-time & Kanban
  • Production leveling tools like Quick changeover, Takt time
  • Process improvement tools like Value stream mapping, Total Flow Management
  • Productivity improvement tools like TPM, TQM, Cellular Manufacturing
  • Visualization tools like 5S, Poka Yoke
  • Employee Skill improvement
  • Value engineering implementation


Our clients have achieved cost savings through lean Kaizen implementation due to increased quality (i.e. fewer defects), reduced inventory, improved customer service, shortened order cycle time, improved manufacturing and supply chain visibility, improved operational capacity, and shortened product development time.